Ministry of Minstrelsy

To the songbirds:

The world has tried to wake up our hearts with its lightning and cleanse our soles with its rain. I beg you, please listen when she speaks. The atmosphere is our greatest minstrel; be attentive.

As your minister of minstrelsy, I only ask that you keep music in your fingers, feet, throats, kitchens, showers, and of course, your education. Music is a language whose critical period never ends, and whose literature spreads across countless streets and bodies of water.

Above all else, I exist purely to aid you all in your artistic endeavors. Be it musical, craftical, or literary, you can find refuge in my company and abilities. I will support you in everything. Wednesdays at 9PM, we shall meet together and create the music that we were meant to create. Location is TBA, though I will probably be able to reserve a room in Dixon Hall.

Teach me things. Let us learn together.

Emma Klobnak
Minister of Minstrelsy