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Glad tidings and Good Vibes to all!

While the winter rages on outside our collective windows, our minds turn towards Spring. The lovely time of year that the immature seedlings sprout forth into this brave new world, seeking nourishment and attention from the collected members of this Ministry of Agriculture. Even though our seedling pals are not ready for such frigid soil, there is still much to be done fellow humans! We must dip our hands into the dark soil, furrow our brows with toil, and usher in a new season of life in a garden that has remained loyal.
With this in mind, I invite you to come frolic, till, stand, sit, walk, defy gravity, or any particular benevolent verb this Sunday (18/1) from 12-2PM. The main purpose of this fine day will be to build seed flats out of the pallets Tulane has deemed no longer useful. It will also be a good time to start preparing the plots for the tender plants that will soon occupy them. I shall be there this Sunday and every Sunday after from 12-2PM to attend to the needs of you, the people of this fair society.

Quick Notes:
The Seed List (add suggestions and I will scour the earth to find them for you) and a few other pertinent documents have been posted here.
Peruse it, think of some questions, I would not have it any other way.

Gardening meets on Sunday, 12-2PM.
We will be building seed flats and preparing the garden for spring.
At two pm on the same day there is a market at Hillel hosted by lovely people, who also happen to garden a fair bit. You should attend as a brief respite from this splendid three day weekend.

Peace, Love, and Happiness,

Hunter, The Minister of Agriculture