Ministry of Siege Warfare

Chess club meets Fridays at PJs at 4:00pm-dusk

Every board game is only a variation of chess. Most of them are sloppy, ill-concieved variations designed to please the masses. Distract them with fancy graphics, platonic-solid dice, and shadow realms.

If you’ve never played chess, it’s possible you’ve gone your whole life without a 2 hour chunk of time devoted to humiliating an opponent. What can you really know about yourself if you’ve never had a nemesis? Chess doesn’t only create frustration and anguish; it also cultivates wisdom.

The battle between Phil Schapker(Black) and the current president(White):

Scenes from our recent voyage to Vanderbilt to play against their team:

Our dear founder, Leo.

Andrew’s celebratory tilt.

Griff is plotting to overthrow the whole feudal system

Look how happy Avi is!